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So [ profile] seta_suzume offered to do FMA arts for anyone who sent her one of those 'Help' virtual gifts. (I think it was Help the South.) So I sent her one, and she did a picture from the Elemental Chess trilogy. To quote a commercial that was on for a while, it's so cute it's stupid. XD

Roy watches Riza making soup )
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[ profile] ryttu3k made me a present last night.

I love when people draw me pictures!
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I has present from [ profile] blaze_rocket!

She had promised to draw the wedding scene from my Zelda fanfic that I wrote last spring. It's only the line drawing, but it's awfully damn cute and a lovely start to my day.
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Thank you, [ profile] isaviel! She sent me new Elizabeth art -- look under here! )
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I mentioned earlier that Clez and I had sent two of our X-Men characters on an outing to Central Park. It seems this is going to become a regular Sunday event for them. Therefore, it woke up my art muse. )
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But first, some art!

Ella has graciously returned to her pictorial display of Elizabeth's life, and the latest installment is her usual awesome. Set in volume V, here is...

Elizabeth meets Alexandra )
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I can't remember the last time someone other than me wrote a ficlet for one of my characters.

Not to be whiny, just...I miss that. I miss the days when some of the kids and I used to trade ficlets on a regular basis. I've had really rotten days that were made surprisingly better by a surprise ficlet. I'd like to get back to that, if at all possible.

Speaking of ficlets, I finally wrote one. Posted the last installment today. If you're curious, there's stuff about that under here. Here, that is. )
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[ profile] siriuslypeeved actually sent this to me last week, but I'd kind of forgotten to upload it to my Photobucket until today. Have a gander at the newest piece of TPDoEQ fan art!

The scene is from volume III, when Elizabeth is going through her father's room on the Nautilus and trying to decide what to do with his personal effects. Skinner comes to help her, and discovers that Allan had installed a false bottom in his steamer trunk, creating a compartment in which to hide money and important papers. Read more... )
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For those of you who are still clinging to your fandom of my series (which, yes, I will be updating soon), [ profile] siriuslypeeved sent me another glorious bit of art last night. I LOVE IT. This is the scene in volume III, "The Wintering," in which the League celebrates Christmas; it is the particular bit where, since Elizabeth is dancing with Jekyll and Mina with Nemo, Tom and Skinner waltz together to be silly and Tom makes his well-loved remark that We need more girls on this ship. )
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[ profile] siriuslypeeved, you ROCK!

Look what she did this time! I think there's steam on the inside of my monitor from this!

Eeeee! )
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Just when I thought I had posted enough for one day, along comes [ profile] siriuslypeeved with the next installment of the EQ fanart series.

Skinner, Elizabeth, and a very pink dolphin )

My friends are WAY too good to me. You really are.
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Lyn and I posted the first chapter (second chapter, technically, but the first was just the prologue) of "Broken Boughs" last night.

We have received one review thus far. )

And one piece of fanart. )

Squee! Thank you, everyone who has read and reviewed/commented to us personally/etc.
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I realize that my last entry about the story, the one where I posted that graphic that didn't really tell you much, isn't about to induce anyone to read. So here's a better explanation.

Having forgone NaNo (again), I find myself instead wrapped up in a collaborative writing project with [ profile] valerious013. The 'writing' involves a lot of roleplaying over AIM. Lyn is always the hero, I'm always the heroine, and we trade other characters back and forth as the occasion calls for it.

The story is called Broken Boughs. Think "Beauty and the Beast," with a psychological twist. Our "beast" is under a spell, but it doesn't make him look ugly -- it makes him act ugly. Lyn cast real people for all the characters so we could make art and stuff. Teaser posters and a link to the prologue this way. )
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More happy fan art from [ profile] siriuslypeeved -- I'm so excited!

Clicky! )
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[ profile] siriuslypeeved! You made me cry!

Look what she did! I'm speechless! )


Oct. 6th, 2005 08:23 pm
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Thank you, [ profile] siriuslypeeved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She just sent me a stunning piece of Skinner/Elizabeth fan art for my website. Take a look! It's wonderful! )
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Something that's been in my head for awhile, thought you guys might get a kick out of it...

'Promotional art' for my version of Hound )
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One more thing, for those of you who have read HBP. (If you haven't, and plan to, don't click -- heavy, heavy spoilers!) If you've not already seen this, you simply must.

Behold the amazing skill of Marta, aka [ profile] seviet, my favoritest HP fan artist ever:
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This is the photo manip I mentioned in an earlier entry. It's entirely based on the LXG role-playing game where I hang out with my kids, one of whom does not use LJ, so the post is being left public so they can all see it.

Six beautiful women in 1899 )


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