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Yesterday was the long-awaited Sherlock Day. This will be a long entry, you have been warned.

Yes, I've met him. Yes, I'm damn near convinced he's the real deal. Details under the cut, along with the promised pictures...but here's a teaser.

With my close personal friends, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

The game's afoot! )
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THANK YOU, [ profile] ladyrazorsharp!

This lovely woman sent me a handmade shawl for my birthday! A beautiful deep green color, and made of chenille yarn so it's uber-soft! I LOVE it.

But you forgot to tell me its name. *grins*
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Perhaps I spoke a bit too soon about this being a good day. One of our day care teachers died from cancer this morning, and everyone's been really upset (naturally) since we got the news. But at least she's not suffering anymore; she was really in bad shape toward the end.

And now my mother informs me that Bob "Gilligan" Denver died today. Also, today is the eighth anniversary of Princess Diana's funeral. She was buried on my 21st birthday.

Am off the clock at work now, but haven't left yet because I'm RPing with [ profile] clez. Tom and Elizabeth friendship is good stuff. Love my kids. Party with my family at 7 tonight, so I won't be around much in the evening, but I'll make up for it tomorrow because I'm staying here after the office closes; our first choir practice is tomorrow night.

Thank you ALL for the thoughtful birthday wishes, either here in my journal or in your own. They're very much appreciated. :)
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...I just had flowers delivered to me here in the church office.

Not from my husband -- from the teachers in the church day care.

When I walked over to say thank you, I was told to come back at snacktime (I brought cupcakes for the kids) so they can all sing to me.
ladynorbert: (Default)'s that day, again.

Not completely sure what I think of that. Except that people are being really incredibly sweet to me, even more than usual, and I feel very special. So thank you. :)
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It would appear my birthday is beginning a good two weeks early, since the first of my gifts arrived today.

I returned from my eye doctor appointment and found a package waiting for me, bearing a distinctive postmark. Since I only know one person in Singapore, I knew it had to be from my dear little [ profile] _revolutionary. Squee! Raven sent ACDoyle books -- not Holmes, but two non-Holmesian books!

*huggles the kid* Thank you, honey! I'm utterly delighted.


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