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And because I'm still not up to thinking. Stolen from [ profile] naiadea. This should convince my kids that I'm old... )

Thank you for all of your kind words about Aunt Dorothy. Pastor, at my request, went in to visit her last night and gave her last rites "just in case," and my mom just called to say that she and Ravi and Aunt Bonnie are on their way to the hospital now to see her.
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Those of you who knew my grandfather may find this article interesting.

I wrote another game walkthrough and it was accepted by -- maybe I'll win another $50 gift certificate like I did when I wrote the Sherlock Holmes one.

SOMEONE is upstairs and making a lot of racket, and I'm sort of scared to go see who it is. (ETA: It's okay, it's just the organist.)
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Thanks, gang, for all the hugs and sympathy wishes. It means a lot. Incidentally, since I think one or two of you did wonder, that photo in the last entry was taken at my wedding reception. It's the best one I have of them.

For the most part, I'm okay. I have my bad moments, but that's normal, I should think. The girls were with me when I got the call, so I wasn't alone; they've really been terrific. Pastor believes, and I'm inclined to agree, that it was the will of Our Boss that this would happen while they were here, so I'd have the extra in-person support.

Mostly I'm worried about my grandfather, who seems very lost. My mom, in case I haven't mentioned it lately, is incredible. She's a rock.

What happened: )
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He'll never see it, but....


My grandfather hit the three-quarter-century mark today. I hope I get to have him for the full hundred.
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My grandfather has to have heart surgery again.

August 19th.

Up side is that the procedure has a 99% success rate.

I was sitting here feeling good...working on the novel...


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