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As I reported some while back, I received the Best Christmas Card Ever this year from [ profile] siriuslypeeved. Kevin scanned it in for me last night, so I may finally show you all what makes it so incredibly awesome. Here's a hint -- he's a man in black. )
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Thank you, [ profile] morningstar4, for the exciting head's up!

*takes a deep breath*



At long last, my theory about all my fandoms being related has come full circle!
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I think this was lobbed in my general e-direction by [ profile] book_addict, but I don't recognize the email address so I'm not 100% positive. Anyway, it's tremendously interesting. A San Francisco company recently hired a design firm to turn one of their empty offices into...Captain Nemo's office.

Read the article and see a picture here: -- it's so pretty! My Nemomuse approves.
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I stumbled upon someone's MySpace profile a few days ago in which I was mentioned. This kind of floored me. In everyone's profile there is a space for listing "My Heroes," and hers reads, in part, that Lady Norbert is her fanfic-writing hero. So I sent her a message saying that I'm Lady Norbert and I'm very flattered at the mention.

I just got her response.

Yes ma'am, you are one of my heroes. In only my wildest dreams could I hope to become as good of a writer as you. I mean, your TPDOEQ stories ROCK! They are, in fact, what got me into fanfiction. And, believe it or not, got my grades up. See, before fanfiction, I didn't read much. Therefore, my grades weren't the best. But then I found your story, got into reading because of it, and I am now making all A' s and B's. So, yeah, I think you deserve a place as one of my heroes! lol.

PS: It was really cool you wrote me, thanks!
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Got my answers from that doll, Jason Flemyng, to the questions I sent about LXG! Oh my word, the man is a total sweetheart. Here's his answers under the cut. See? Cut. )
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This is terribly exciting to ME, but I imagine some of you won't precisely care.

Today...I learned how to make SCREENCAPS!

Naturally, for my first-ever capping experience, I took images from LXG. Here they are! Enjoy, use for manips or icons, etc. (Edited to add: The last fourteen -- there are an even hundred -- were taken from deleted scenes. Also tried to cap the menu, but the only cap I got that I really liked and which couldn't be gotten from the movie proper was one Clez already sent me.)

Yes, they are sort of focused on Tom and Dorian. What can I say, I appreciate a good bit of eye candy.


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