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So quickly after the brilliance of Buffy vs. Edward comes this little gem from (The Customer Is) Not Always Right:

Customer: “I want a refund! Sherlock Holmes was possibly the worst film adaptation of a Jane Austen book I’ve ever seen!”

Me:Sherlock Holmes was not written by Jane Austen. It was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”

Customer: “I thought there was something odd about it. Well, I guess it really is nothing at all like her other books. Silly me!”
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Pastor is on vacation until the end of next week, so my workload is excessively light right now. After the last few months, I'm enjoying this.

Thanks to everyone who inquired after my back injury; I'm still experiencing pain, but it's better every day and I should be back to normal before much longer. Of course, normal for me isn't all that normal, but at least I'm used to it. ;)

And now for some fandom-related things. Click for news relating to Zelda, video games in general, Sherlock Holmes, Law and Order, and a short report from the Lady Norbert Costume Department. )
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Today I was supposed to meet up with [ profile] miladyhawke and the rest of our Sherlock Holmes club at Mrs. Hudson's retirement cottage. I've been looking forward to this for weeks. Got my directions last night off MapQuest and set out shortly before noon.

I just got home.

I never reached the party.

Instead, I've spent the past five hours looking for a sign which was an integral part of the directions -- a sign which apparently is no longer THERE. As a result, I completely missed my exit and wound up outside of Philadelphia. Then I spent roughly an hour in the (admittedly very scenic) city of Lancaster, because I couldn't find my way OUT of it.

I like a good ramble in the car as much as anybody, and I've really gotten very good at not panicking when I'm hopelessly lost. But I really wanted to go to that party, and it had me very upset that I couldn't find the place. I also couldn't find a library or net cafe where I could get online and get new directions. And to my great annoyance, I thought I had programmed Flo's number into my phone...but I didn't. So I couldn't even call her to say what was going on. (I just got off the phone with her now and feel very sad that I missed all the fun.)'s taken me all this time to find my way home. I finally ate something for the first time all day about half an hour ago. There's a bouquet of roses on my table, which were intended as a hostess gift for Flo, and an uneaten fruit tray in my fridge, which was supposed to be my contribution to the party supplies. I was thinking I'd save it for my Sunday School class tomorrow instead...but I'm so thirsty, and there are grapes and watermelon in that tray that are kind of calling my name.
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Under the LJ cut is a graphic. The graphic spells actual words. Be the first person to work out what it actually says and you'll win a prize. What that prize is...I really have no idea but I'll think of something good. Have at ye. )
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Newest adventure in screencapping -- Sherlock Holmes!

100 caps from Granada's "The Empty House" starring Jeremy Brett.

I only got about halfway through the ep, though, so the rest will be appearing sometime later. Enjoy!
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Yesterday was the long-awaited Sherlock Day. This will be a long entry, you have been warned.

Yes, I've met him. Yes, I'm damn near convinced he's the real deal. Details under the cut, along with the promised pictures...but here's a teaser.

With my close personal friends, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

The game's afoot! )


Aug. 26th, 2005 12:47 pm
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Swiped from [ profile] ladyrazorsharp:

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, post exactly one sentence/paragraph/whatever from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favourite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s).

If you insist... )
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It would appear my birthday is beginning a good two weeks early, since the first of my gifts arrived today.

I returned from my eye doctor appointment and found a package waiting for me, bearing a distinctive postmark. Since I only know one person in Singapore, I knew it had to be from my dear little [ profile] _revolutionary. Squee! Raven sent ACDoyle books -- not Holmes, but two non-Holmesian books!

*huggles the kid* Thank you, honey! I'm utterly delighted.
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*fails miserably*

New email from Mycroft Holmes.

I have ordered and received two of the Diogenes bags from CafePress and I am delighted with them! I intend to give one of them to Mr Sherlock Holmes at Denny's in September as a gift to John Sherwood on the occasion of his birthday. Love your work!

Translation: Mycroft-Paul is giving Sherlock-John one of my Diogenes Club tote bags for his birthday. Which is, apparently, very close to my own.

One month from tomorrow I shall be partying with the Holmeses.

I. Can't. Wait.
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Something that's been in my head for awhile, thought you guys might get a kick out of it...

'Promotional art' for my version of Hound )
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Done, done, done! I've finished my Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett version) icons for [ profile] icons100. Comment if you like or wish to use, but please save them to your own Photobucket or hard drive or whatever.


Iconses, precious. )
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I have been tempted to the dark side, after a fashion. After so long seeing [ profile] clez and [ profile] valerious013 and [ profile] _revolutionary and their ilk showing off the beautiful creations they made for [ profile] icons100, I broke down and joined and submitted a claim.

And...the heck?

Lyn told me it took about a week for her to be approved...I just submitted my claim five minutes ago!

I'm in. I now have ten weeks in which to produce 100 icons of -- I know, you're all terribly stunned -- Sherlock Holmes.
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Sethoz Chan: Sooooo *prods* What does Jarvis want?
author1976: ahh, I finally solved that little mystery yesterday!
Sethoz Chan: oooooh?
author1976: and if things go as planned I will be working on chapter seven when I get home, so you'll find out soon
Sethoz Chan: *waits for you to go home*
author1976: *laughs!*
Sethoz Chan: are you home yet?
author1976: no, dear
Sethoz Chan: .... now?
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And this is why Sethemme (Sethoz + Mayhemme) RPs are not necessarily a sensible idea when I am sleep-deprived.
The insanity, it burns, precious. )
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This is just way, way too funny not to share.

Holmes and Watson, discussing a case and the internet. And other things, like Scandinavia and Nokia and Coke.

*is still choking over the Coke*


Apr. 21st, 2005 05:02 am
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My Sherlock Holmes novel series? I'm only on the fourth chapter of the first book.

And someone -- [ profile] ladyrazorsharp, to be precise -- has already written fanfic for it.

*huggles lady* You have totally made my week! Thank you!
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Saw the cover of the Finding Neverland DVD this afternoon at the video store (alas, they did not have "The Master Blackmailer," which is the reason I was there in the first place). Noted that Kate Winslet has wonderfully green eyes. Have come to the conclusion that with brown hair dye, she would make the ideal Charlotte Merchand, in a film version of that story.

(If you don't know what I'm on about, don't worry. Neither do I, sometimes.)


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