Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:55 pm
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Okay, so who's up for a challenge this holiday?

The Salvation Army and JCPenney are working together for this Adopt An Angel program. The SA picks out kids and senior citizens whose families are in financial need and JCP hosts a search engine on their website. First you enter a zip code (your own or wherever you want) and it will then see who's available in that area. Then you pick the age group(s) and gender(s) you'd be interested in adopting, and it will present you with up to twelve results. You pick one, enter your email address, and they send you the information about what that person needs or wants and where it should be delivered.

Presents must reach their destinations by December 14th, to give the volunteers enough time to distribute them. If you buy online, you can have the gifts sent directly to the Salvation Army office in question.

I adopted a 12-year-old girl who requested earrings. I even made my giving work overtime by getting the earrings from, doing my shopping through GoodShop so that my church will receive a little percentage of what I spent.

Anyone else up for adopting an angel? Go here:
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Feeling better this morning, gang, so I'm just popping in to spread the word. My dear friend [ profile] tribalw0lf is encouraging her friends to send holiday cards to recovering soldiers, and this is an excellent idea; however, you can't send them directly to Walter Reed Hospital or similar location and just address them to "A Recovering Soldier." They will not accept them.

The Red Cross runs a program called Holiday Mail For Heroes, and they will distribute your cards to soldiers in hospitals and the like. For information and guidelines, go here:
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As I reported some while back, I received the Best Christmas Card Ever this year from [ profile] siriuslypeeved. Kevin scanned it in for me last night, so I may finally show you all what makes it so incredibly awesome. Here's a hint -- he's a man in black. )


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