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Heh. Apparently, finding me on LiveJournal is exciting?

Joining the ranks of psychos lovely people who are friended on this journal are [ profile] castleraid and [ profile] tk31085, who actually know me in real life. They are two of the three older sisters of Alli, one of my youth group kids. I'm told that when [ profile] tk31085 found me on LJ (via [ profile] heroxprincess, where she was reading my fanfic), she sort of shrieked.

Ordinarily this is the part where I warn my LJ friends not to scare the newcomers, but I think it's more appropriate in this instance to warn the newcomers not to scare the LJ people. ;)
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Another new friend. [ profile] _madam_mina_ not only belongs to some of the same Zelda comms that I do, but she actually lives nearby. :D
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Of course, I'm old, so most of you are kids to me. Anyway, [ profile] ordinaryfool saw me over at [ profile] books and followed me home. I guess I'll keep her. :)
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[ profile] i_am_a_rose_4 is a fellow member of the [ profile] heroxprincess community for Zelda fans, and she followed me home. So here she is. ^_^
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[ profile] xartificallove is my co-moderator, and the one who actually runs the place, over at [ profile] thegirlsofzelda. I'm not sure how long ago she friended me, but I only just noticed it so I added her back! Sorry about that!
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Almost forgot.

Please extend the traditional you don't have to be crazy to be on this flist (but it helps) welcome to [ profile] sheikah and [ profile] fl0rida. They are new to this odd planet of mine, and found their way here via the Zelda fandom.

Newbies, you might want to check out this post so you know what I'm talking about when I mention certain persons. Meanwhile, there's Mountain Dew in the fridge and Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the Wii. Make yourselves at home.

*goes back to the awesome movie of awesomeness*


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