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Gang, if you ever click on a link in someone's LJ that leads to an external website, you're probably going to want to read this. Our beloved administrators have cooked up a way to filch revenue from third-party sites.

Thanks to [ profile] melydia for the head's up.
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[ profile] elaboration has been unsuspended, and LJ is apparently going to finally update their Terms of Service to cover the situation. And they're going to start issuing warnings like they promised in June, instead of instant bannination.

See, that was the thing that had me riled up. They promised in [ profile] news that they would not automatically delete a journal for suspected TOS violation without a proper review, and if the violation in question was regarding fiction or art, they would give the owner the chance to remove the 'offending' material. Then (after the Permanent Account sale was over), they turned around and deleted those artists' journals without warning. In other words, they lied to their customers. THAT was the thing that bugged me so much -- that I would sink money into a company that lied to me.

I'm still not sure I'll be renewing my paid account next year, but this was definitely a huge step in the right direction. Cheers, LJ.

ETA: This post explains things better; [ profile] alphaloria, I'm guessing this is the one you referenced in your comment last night. I hadn't seen it until now.
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It rained! All night! Makes for very happy me. Also explains why I was basically knocked unconscious by some invisible hammer of humidity yesterday.

Anyway, link. In a nutshell, LJ Abuse does attempt to answer some questions -- they even succeed a little.
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Just FYI -- this news article explains the current situation much better than I can.

(Scrapbook's almost done. Night.)

EDIT: Came back to add this after I was alerted to it.
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In case you continue to wonder what the hell I'm rabbiting on about, want more information for yourself, or just have train wreck syndrome like I do, here's a bit more data regarding the current LJ debacle. [ profile] jupiter_star is compiling a list of all of the ways in which LJ has lied/violated their TOS/otherwise eradicated people's trust. This list includes links to specific quotes and all sorts of helpful goodies.

The community [ profile] fandom_flies is talking about forming a massive exodus away from LJ. I'm not helping, but I am watching them with great curiosity.

If you are a member of fandom -- any fandom -- and use your journal for any sort of fandom-related activity, the community [ profile] fandom_counts still wants you to join them and show exactly what sort of massive force fandom is around here. During the May strikethrough mess, they collected more than 34,000 members.

Yes, I took a break from working on my mother's scrapbook to tell you all of this. Because I figured this was more interesting than talking about stickers and vellum and the fine art of selecting which pair of decorative scissors to use. ;)
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As you may have noticed, deleted/suspended accounts now have their names bolded instead of struck through. They also no longer appear on people's flists.

This comment contains the exact promise that LJ has made to us, and reneged upon.

Also, if you want to see the art piece which got one of the users deleted without warning (despite their promises), someone posted it in a comment. It is graphic Harry/Snape and it is BY NO MEANS safe for work/children/small household appliances, so click at your own risk. If you do, however, I think you'll agree that Harry most certainly appears to be at least eighteen.

EDITED TO ADD SOMETHING IMPORTANT! Unfortunately (and I didn't know this), some people are saying things in comments which are of a spoilerish nature for the final Harry Potter book -- one of my friends who hasn't read it yet discovered that the hard way, for which I'm very sorry. If you haven't read and don't want to be spoiled, avoid reading comments other than the ones I'm directly linking to!
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LJ is apparently at it again. [ profile] innocence_jihad has the details.

I'm keeping my journals, but I will not be renewing my paid account on this one when it expires. [ profile] mayhemme is already a free account.

EDIT: This portion of the post is under a cut-tag because it's got a mild spoiler for HP7. )

In all seriousness, however, they're now violating their own TOS! I cite this comment with the information:
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To give credit where credit is due, LJ is trying to fix the problem.

Obviously, I wasn't affected by the whole debacle, and I was not nearly as angry as some people. The one bit that had me particularly upset was the way one of the staff members went on another site, MetaFilter, and basically bitched out LJers for being upset at having their accounts suspended without warning. I think that was incredibly unprofessional and I personally think that he/she should get in some kind of trouble for it. Otherwise, since they have apologized and are taking steps to rectify the error, I'm calm.
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Someone's established a poll to see how much money LJ stands to lose over the current debacle. Stand up and be counted.
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The LJ administrators are now apparently attempting to "own their shit," to use the vernacular.

Too little, too late.

It would seem that they went around talking to media and other sources BEFORE they decided to tell the actual LJ users what the hell was going on.

Oh, also? Those of you in fandom -- any fandom that makes use of LJ for its 'nefarious' purposes -- please to be checking out [ profile] fandom_counts.

EDIT: You might also be interested in [ profile] innocence_jihad, especially if you want to know what this is all about.


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