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Don't know who did it.

But thank you.

I can't begin to describe how much I needed that.
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I mentioned earlier that Clez and I had sent two of our X-Men characters on an outing to Central Park. It seems this is going to become a regular Sunday event for them. Therefore, it woke up my art muse. )
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For I am a sheep. Baa, I say, baa.


More than one person can 'interview' the same character, but please vary the questions. You can still take part even if you don’t play on the game.

Muses are found here. You can interview anybody you see there, including characters I no longer have active.
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Title: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Author: [ profile] ladynorbert
Fandom: X-Men: Beyond Evolution (RPG)
Prompt: 50-B, #25 Haze
Character/Pairing: Jamie "Multiple" Madrox/Cordelia "Assisi" Winter
Rating: G
Word Count: 842
Summary: During their visit to Cordy’s grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving, Cordy and Jamie explore the summits of Hawk Mountain.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Jamie Madrox is canonical to the X-Men universe and is the property of Marvel Comics. For the purposes of this RPG (and therefore, this story), he 'belongs' to [ profile] blaze_rocket. Cordelia Winter is an original character played by me. This didn’t necessarily happen in the realm of the game, but it certainly could have; they did go to her grandparents’ for Thanksgiving last month (the game operates in real time). At this stage, the kids are still doing their little dance of ‘I like you but I’m not sure how to take it to the next level.’ Hawk Mountain is a real place, one that I know well and love dearly, so all of the descriptions included in this story are accurate, including those of the people; I’m a volunteer at the mountain, and my husband and I did in fact work at this year’s holiday open house, so as a joke I kind of gave us cameos.

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
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TITLE: When You're Gone
FANDOM: Brutality (RPG)
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Chris Tyler, Sarah Masterson
GENRE: Pure Crap General? Angst? It's sort of a little of everything.
WORDS: 2,283
NOTES: This has been rattling around in my brain for a while now, but I was trying to ignore it because I have other things to write. Then today I saw that [ profile] clez (who owns Chris and also Cole Stanton, who is mentioned) had a bad day, and the muses pointed sharp objects at me and made me do it. Title and summary are from *cringe* Avril Lavigne's song "I Miss You." No, I don't know what they fought about -- I couldn't come up with anything. It was harder than trying to find a reason for me to fight with Kevin. The line "Love is many things, none of them logical" is shamelessly stolen from The Princess Bride.
SUMMARY: When you walk away, I count the steps that you take.

When You're Gone )
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Stolen from [ profile] twilightsocks, but with my own twist. See, it's supposed to be for TV shows...well, I don't watch enough TV to actually have ships. The only current TV ship I know and actively support is Kim/Ron from Kim Possible. Most of the other shows I watch don't really offer a shipping option. So I changed it to my RPGs, where I always have looooots of ships to choose from. The Shipping News )
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Title: Confetti
Game: Brutality
Characters: Paul Rosengard and Jonathan Colby
Prompt: "If I didn't know better, I'd swear they're out to get me."
Author's Notes: For [ profile] shining_phoenix, who owns Paul. Reference is made to "Mas," meaning my character Sarah Masterson, and to her magical ability to make decent break room coffee.
Confetti )
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Keeping my word and working on those ficlets; yay for slow work mornings.

Title: Cult Shadows
Game: Ever Winter Tales
Characters: Lorelai Parker (Lady Sif) and Tristan Grady
Prompt: "There's nothing quite as annoying as people who think that they're better than I am"
Author's Notes: For [ profile] shining_phoenix, who owns Tristan. I know virtually nothing about this character, so I hope I do this decently for her. The cool thing about writing this is that suddenly, this muse works again, and I might actually be able to participate in the game.
Cult Shadows )
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I finished my last multi-part story with the cops. It starts over yonder, if you're interested.

I'm done with my table now. *dances*
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Title: Skylights
Game: Brutality
Characters: Marshall Corwin and Sissy Donovan
Prompt: "Have you ever thought about what else might be out there?"
Author's Notes: For [ profile] shining_phoenix, who owns Sissy.
Skylights )
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Title: All That Glitters
Game: Ever Winter Tales
Characters: Jacqueline Durand and Cin Lovelle
Prompt: And they'll never know the gold and copper in your hair.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] blcksunaphelion, who owns Cin. There is a reference made (without name) to Garrett Nolan, the High Priest of Loki, who belongs to [ profile] clez. Warning, this one has a PG-13 rating, maybe even flirts with an R rating, for adult suggestion.
All That Glitters )
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Title: Behind These Walls
Game: Halfway House
Characters: The Cheshire Cat and Princess Alice, with mentions of Queen Redd and Jabberwocky
Prompt: Twinkle little trinkets of copper and cork
Author's Notes: For [ profile] blcksunaphelion and her wonderful sense of the absurd. She owns Alice; I own the Queen and the Cat. The Jabberwock, who appears only by mention, is owned by [ profile] blaze_rocket.
Behind These Walls )
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Title: High Tea
Game: Halfway House
Characters: Elizabeth Quatermain and Princess Alice, with mentions of the Cheshire Cat, Queen Redd, and Prince Charming
Prompt: Cat's in the cradle
Author's Notes: For [ profile] blcksunaphelion and her wonderful sense of the absurd. She owns Alice; I own Elizabeth, the Queen, and the Cat. Bill the Lizard also appears, and is an NPC. Prince Charming, who appears only by mention, is owned by [ profile] blaze_rocket.
High Tea )
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Title: Give Anything
Author: [ profile] ladynorbert
Fandom: Brutality (Original)
Prompt: 30-A, #20 Cry
Character/Pairing: Sarah Masterson, Chris Tyler
Rating: G
Word Count: 932
Summary: I'm not leaving you anymore; believe it, hold onto me and never let me go.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: I feel like a broken record stating that Chris belongs to [ profile] clez. *laughs* She okayed all of his lines and stuff. Title and summary are from Nickelback's "Far Away," because Nickelback is the official band of Chris and Sarah or something equally absurd. Yes, this is the last one for today! Maybe even for this week; I'd say ten prompts in one week is quite sufficient.
Give Anything )
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Title: Daydream Believer
Author: [ profile] ladynorbert
Fandom: Brutality (Original)
Prompt: 30-A, #12 Fantasy
Character/Pairing: Sarah Masterson, Chris Tyler
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,147
Summary: Just this once, Sarah lets herself dream. (Set in the future, after the sergeants have become werewolves.)
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: This muse is awake and won't shut up, for the first time in months. I must make profound apologies to [ profile] clez, Chris's owner, because I am about to take a really, really HUGE liberty with him. Since it's still quite up in the air which way this will go in the game no matter what the shippers say, I decided to handle it in the way you see here. For those of you who don't play the game, Brutality is predominantly a werewolf RPG; Chris and Sarah are definitely going to become werewolves later in the game, but it's not definite that they're going to become, to use the wolfy vernacular, mates.
This is actually a continuation from an unfinished RP we have lying around on our computers; Sarah has just had a sparring session and chat with Cole, the Alpha wolf (also played by Clez), who has encouraged her to talk to Chris about what she's been keeping from him. The RP file stops where she knocks on his door. This is one way things might go when he lets her in. Nate Wilder and Marion Barnes, who appear by mention, belong to Clez and [ profile] nentikobe, respectively.
Daydream Believer )
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Title: In the Pink
Author: [ profile] ladynorbert
Fandom: Brutality (Original)
Prompt: 30-A, #16 Strawberries
Character/Pairing: Sarah Masterson, Holly Madison, Erica Riley, Jill Thomas
Rating: G
Word Count: 367
Summary: A picnic lunch leads to a hospital visit, and for once, Sarah's not the patient.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Jill and Erica are Holly's NPC roommates. I created all of the characters in this story, but the ever-brilliant [ profile] vampyric_lycan adopted Holly and brought her to life, and Holly's allergy was her invention. Chris, who appears by mention, is the property of [ profile] clez, and I'm taking some liberties with his social life.

In the Pink )
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I can't remember the last time someone other than me wrote a ficlet for one of my characters.

Not to be whiny, just...I miss that. I miss the days when some of the kids and I used to trade ficlets on a regular basis. I've had really rotten days that were made surprisingly better by a surprise ficlet. I'd like to get back to that, if at all possible.

Speaking of ficlets, I finally wrote one. Posted the last installment today. If you're curious, there's stuff about that under here. Here, that is. )
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Title: Screensaver
Author: [ profile] ladynorbert
Fandom: Brutality (Original)
Prompt: 30-A, #4 – Puppy Love
Character/Pairing: Sarah Masterson, Chris Tyler (who belongs to [ profile] clez)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 350
Summary: German Shepherds are known for being protective; maybe even a little possessive.
Author's Notes/Disclaimer: This is a play on Sarah’s nickname for Chris, which is Shep – short for German Shepherd. Nobody else is allowed to call him that. It’s set a little way in the future; Sarah’s begun realizing that her feelings for Chris are changing, but she’s not sure if that’s reciprocal and she’d just as soon keep quiet about it all, not least because it’s against LAPD regulations for partners to be involved. And yes, the screensaver described is just what I have on my own computer! The joke, for those who don’t know, is that all of the men mentioned are used as a basis for a character on the Brutality game; Joe Flanigan is Chris himself.

Screensaver )
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Title: Something There
Fandom: Beyond Evolution — RPG
Character/Pairing: Samuel Bennett/Arielle Baines
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Word Count: 1,423
Notes: For [ profile] soraslight, who owns Sam; I hope I've done him justice. There's a bit of mention of Jack Shaw, who belongs to [ profile] clez. Obviously I do not own Beauty and the Beast. The title, summary, and ending line are lyrics from different songs in the Broadway musical. Many thanks to [ profile] nentikobe for all her editing help.
Summary: Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong...

Something There )


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