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I was hysterical. Three California seniors pay tribute to the King of Pop by dancing onstage to "Billie Jean."

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I'm trapped at the church -- literally, this time, as opposed to the metaphorical trapping which some people view as my daily life.

When I came this morning, I was forced to use a slightly circuitous route because they were repaving part of Howertown Road (the street on which the church sits). Being ever so slightly genre savvy, I thought it was a good idea to put my car in the church lot rather than parking on the street, as I often do, because I sensed that leaving it on the street would be an invitation to trouble.

While I was congratulating myself on outwitting my scriptwriter, Jeff the sexton walked into my office, complaining about what a labyrinth it was for him to get to the church, and how he ultimately had to park in our rear lot, which mostly exists for the teachers in the day care. He only arrived about half an hour after I did, but in that short a time, they managed to block off the entire street. I can't get my car out of the lot; I'm not even sure I can walk over to it.

Fortunately, Pastor can still get out to do his thing, so he promised to pick up the printer ink from Staples that I very much need in order to do my job. And equally fortunately, the ink I currently have was enough for me to print the things that absolutely needed to be printed today. My volunteers are doing the bulletins this afternoon instead of tomorrow, because of a schedule conflict, but I was able to print the main bulletins and am copying them now.

This punny, linky entry has been brought to you by my addiction to TV Tropes.
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I have candy and I don't have to share it.

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How to teach your cat to yodel. (Work safe.)

No kitties were harmed in the making of this film. They were, however, moderately annoyed. Thanks, [ profile] blaze_rocket!
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Today I took [ profile] castleraid to climb rocks at my beloved mountain. It was a very pleasant outing, and we had a great time, but the thing I feel the need to share with all of you is this.

One of the highways we traversed en route to the mountain was having roadwork done, so all of the businesses had orange signs indicating where the entrances to their parking lots were. One such business was a Shell gas station featuring a Dunkin' Donuts shop.

Some smartass messed with the sign, so that when we saw it, it said exactly this:


I am not making this up. [ profile] castleraid got photographic evidence.
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[ profile] blcksunaphelion was pestering me to play with her after work, and I had to explain why I can't.

Norbs: I have to do my magazine article, and if there's time, mow the lawn before my committee meeting
Jax: committee meeting?
Norbs: planning committee for the church rummage sale
Jax: *facepalm*
Jax: because you don't do enough
Norbs: last night it was the planning committee for Vacation Bible School
Jax: ^
Norbs: tomorrow it's choir
Jax: oooh man *laughs a little*
Jax: why don't you just rent space from the church?
Jax: you live there practically
Norbs: you're not the first person to suggest it XD
Jax: seriously though
Norbs: I know
Norbs: sometimes I wonder why I bother going home
Norbs: if I weren't married I quite possibly wouldn't
Jax: heh
Norbs: at least last night's meeting Kevin came with me
Jax: yay
Norbs: because we get to be the stars again XD
Norbs: this year we dress as explorers instead of pirates
Jax: ...
Jax: I need to get you a compass that doesn't point north
Norbs: *snorts*
Jax: that IS my first thought
Norbs: Jack Sparrow's compass?
Jax: yes because it's awesome
Jax: and because... let's be honest, you'd be the one person in a million to really get a compass that didn't point north
Norbs: you're right
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This won't make sense to the rest of you, but if you were in last night's chat, you'll want to see this. Read more... )
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Did you know that on the official website, you can visit the Other Mother's Workshop and replace your own eyes with buttons?

I did. )
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The 80s were a magical time, weren't they? Large picture under cut )
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Crazy fangirls make the best friends. While emailing with [ profile] oldschoollozfan about some crazy story idea I dreamed up yesterday, I had the following conversation with [ profile] blcksunaphelion:

Norbs: You're a Zelda fan so I thought you'd like to know -- I've got the first volume of the translated OOT manga, and it. is. ADORABLE.

Jax: Hehehe.

Norbs: Do you have it?

Jax: Nope.

Norbs: Do you want it?

Jax: Duh.

Norbs: Because it's insanely cheap at Amazon, and if somebody loves me enough I might buy it for them.

Jax: LOL! You'll see how much I love you in a few days... I hope >.> If my devious plot works.

Norbs: Devious plot! Onoz! Should I be scared?

Jax: I no tell.

Norbs: Is there glitter involved? Are you kidnapping David Hayter for my personal enjoyment?

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Right now I am -- no, honestly -- working on getting caught up on my RPGs. My brain keeps stalling out, however, on a Brutality post. The rising humidity and falling barometer are not helping matters.

Earlier today, the movie The Other Sister was on television. I was largely unenthused; it was a decent film, but not really my cup of tea, and I only watched it because one of the guys on my hot list is in it. So that's the inspiration for the current post; I'm going to rewrite the descriptions of some movies to describe their inclusion of eye candy. Most of them you will recognize as being movies I love, so obviously I'm not being mean here. In no particular order, I give you the following: Read more... )
ladynorbert: (kingsley) which I was asked not to spew green stuff. (It made sense in context.)

Me: Of course not. Remember, I'm the Lord's secretary -- if the devil wants to possess me, he'll have to make an appointment. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SALESMAN.
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Okay, I think [ profile] blcksunaphelion (J), [ profile] hezyfaerie (H) and I are insane geniuses. Genii. Whatever.

We're talking about my legacy, and how an upcoming character has a tendency to stare at nothing. From this I get the following; Doctor Who humor (Whumor?) abounds.

Me: when she's standing there apparently staring at nothing, she's really receiving instructions from her dark master XD
J: must destroy Rose Family!
J: it's part of the ultimate plot keep the Captain Hero wannabe down!
Me: Exterminate the Roses! Exterminate the Roses!
H: XD!!!
H: XD!!
Me: great, now I want to give them a neighbor that looks like David Tennant
Me: thanks a lot XD
H: Surely Jonathan is Dr Who then.
H: XD!!!
Me: and he's mopey and obsessed with Alexia! even though she keeps telling him she's not THAT Rose!
H: *ded*
Me: omg
Me: we're so brilliant
Me: I have to put this in my journal, excuse me XD
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Dinner with Papa Q had to be canceled because he needs to work late; he apologized profusely and promised to try to meet up with us next time he's in the area. So now we're waiting for Papa John's to deliver our BBQ chicken and bacon pizza with free cheesesticks.

Kevin is playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, the latest edition (whatever it is). With his ridiculously large computer montior, I can see it from here on the sofa. It has a movie making function much like Sims, and so we're watching a movie of a ride on his newest coaster design.

I LOVE this feature. See, one thing I had to give up because of getting sick, and most sincerely regret, is roller coasters. I was never a huge fan, mainly because of my back and everything; but Kevin loves them and I love Kevin, so I let him drag me along onto every coaster in our path. But when the dizzy spells and crap started happening, I retired from all coasters (except one -- the century-old Thunderhawk coaster at our local amusement park doesn't bother me for some reason, probably because it's kind of tiny and not at all fancy). So unless we're with other people who enjoy riding coasters, Kevin goes on them all by himself while I ride a nice stationary park bench. I wouldn't let him give them up.

Well, his love of the ride explains his love of the game, which he plays almost obsessively -- that and Zoo Tycoon are his two favorites. He plays one or the other almost every day. The movie feature on this latest edition has been a lot of fun for us both, because now he gets to design his dream coasters, and then I get to virtually ride them. As long as I stand far enough back from the screen, it doesn't make me dizzy, and I still get some of the excitement of riding a well-designed coaster.

We're sort of goofy.

Me: *stealthy sneaking into the dining room, on tiptoe*
Kevin: *eyeing me* What are you...
Me: I am a ninja! You can't see me! Ninja kisses! *divebomb*

Ah, pizza is here. BBQ chicken and bacon is GOOD.

My Sims!

Jan. 11th, 2008 09:11 pm
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So today I had a funny idea for Sims. I came home and started tweaking. Unfortunately, my screencaps are kind of on the small side; Pie's going to have to teach me how to take nice big ones like she does. But you can see what's going on, pretty decently.

Basically, I moved myself and Kevin into a big Federal-style mansion with six of the kids. You can only have up to eight people living in one house, so I had to pick. I went with [ profile] clez, [ profile] carnage533, [ profile] siddyq, [ profile] amarctis_q2, [ profile] destinedtofly, and [ profile] _revolutionary. Claire, Jerry, Kristie, Jonathan, and Lyn are all teenagers; Raven, since she's my youngest, is a child. I made these guys as much like the real people as I could; I think Kristie and Kevin's Sim versions are particularly similar to the real thing.

So. Screencaps.

First, the family portrait. Kevin and I are in the middle, of course. That's Jerry on one knee in front; Kristie is in the pink dress; Raven is the little one with glasses. Jonathan is the blond boy. Lyn is in a Ravenclaw uniform because I said so, and Claire is in the back.

I put a lot of work into making this a beautiful home filled with books and culture. Here's the living room. Other rooms include the dining room, the master bedroom, and the entry foyer.

Raven, being the youngest, has the room next to Mommy and Daddy. She's also the only member of the family with a room all her own.

The boys share this room. Mom is very nice about letting them hang that picture of a woman on the wall.

The entire third floor is the girls' bedroom. Kristie sleeps in the middle bed; Lyn's is on the far left. Claire is the eldest, so the armoire is positioned in such a way as to give her a little privacy.

This is our backyard. It includes workout equipment, a swing set, a barbecue grill, a telescope, and a hot tub. It also has a rather bitchin' pool.

Raven reads the newspaper. She might be job-hunting, I'm not sure.

Claire earns creativity points by learning to paint masterpieces.

Jon, on the other hand, prefers to earn them by mastering the piano.

Kevin and I don't really care what the kids do; we're happy to canoodle in the hot tub by ourselves.
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Saw this and thought of you when I reached the last panel.
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[ profile] aireal challenged her friends to try this:

Basically, you have to figure out which fifty horror films are represented by the images in this weird-ass picture. It took a united effort by myself, Kevin, [ profile] destinedtofly, [ profile] carnage533, and [ profile] siddyq, but we finally got them all. I know some of you are horror fans, so give it a go!

If you need help, I'll post the answers here under a cut tag. I won't tell you which goes with what image, but I'll list the fifty movies that are used in the puzzle, so if you get's your cheat sheet. Cheater! )

If you want to comment but not see the answers, scroll down fast. ;)


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