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Cut for a freaking huge image )

The trailer looks effing FANTASTIC...
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Today I was supposed to meet up with [ profile] miladyhawke and the rest of our Sherlock Holmes club at Mrs. Hudson's retirement cottage. I've been looking forward to this for weeks. Got my directions last night off MapQuest and set out shortly before noon.

I just got home.

I never reached the party.

Instead, I've spent the past five hours looking for a sign which was an integral part of the directions -- a sign which apparently is no longer THERE. As a result, I completely missed my exit and wound up outside of Philadelphia. Then I spent roughly an hour in the (admittedly very scenic) city of Lancaster, because I couldn't find my way OUT of it.

I like a good ramble in the car as much as anybody, and I've really gotten very good at not panicking when I'm hopelessly lost. But I really wanted to go to that party, and it had me very upset that I couldn't find the place. I also couldn't find a library or net cafe where I could get online and get new directions. And to my great annoyance, I thought I had programmed Flo's number into my phone...but I didn't. So I couldn't even call her to say what was going on. (I just got off the phone with her now and feel very sad that I missed all the fun.)'s taken me all this time to find my way home. I finally ate something for the first time all day about half an hour ago. There's a bouquet of roses on my table, which were intended as a hostess gift for Flo, and an uneaten fruit tray in my fridge, which was supposed to be my contribution to the party supplies. I was thinking I'd save it for my Sunday School class tomorrow instead...but I'm so thirsty, and there are grapes and watermelon in that tray that are kind of calling my name.
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Well, hey, look at this. I've finally found a surefire way to win a fan fiction contest. (Sorry there wasn't better participation, [ profile] morningstar4.)

If you want to win the contest, just be the only one who enters!
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Lady Norbert,

The following review has been submitted to: TPDoEQ, vol V: Tartan Holiday
Chapter: 3

From: Samyo ( )

About time you updated.
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I am sitting here writing this journal entry in order to appear busy. A photographer from the regional newspaper is here, taking pictures of people and areas around the church, and for some reason I'm being photographed.

Of course this happened on a day when my hair is a mess and I'm sweaty and busy and inkstained and don't really want to take the time to let someone take my picture. I'm trying to finish the newsletter pages for the volunteers who are coming to assemble it tomorrow morning, and the copying and folding is only half done. *headdesk* I am not photogenic at the BEST of times, and this exact moment certainly does not qualify as such!
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And then people wonder why I get into these bad moods.

I've invited a whole pile of people to my house next Friday, for the launch of Harry Potter 6.

FOUR of them have bothered to respond, only one of whom is coming.

I have never yet thrown a party with my friends to which anyone (except, occasionally, Kevin's best friend Andy) came. Most of the time people don't even bother to tell me if they're coming. We had a housewarming party the first year we lived here, and none of my friends came to that -- if Kevin and I didn't both have large extended families, that would have flopped too.

I dunno, is it me? Am I just that freaking obnoxious, and nobody can bring themselves to tell me?

The RSVP date is Monday. As it stands, I think it's just going to be Tammy and me.
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I'm sort of mocking Holmes at the moment. I feel like I'm pacing around in the attic of my brain, stirring up the dust and hoping it will uncover something. My brain actually hurts, and it's entirely possible I will be moving upstairs for a pre-work nap very soon. It's cramped in here. )


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