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I don't mean to be dragging it out, honest. But soon, very soon, you'll see aaaaaaall the pictures. Here's Kevin, making a new friend...Read more... )
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This is definitely one of the best of the Vegas trip pictures. I'm very disappointed in the quality of a lot of them, and I'm not talking about my pinky finger getting in the way again. (Though that certainly happened often.) One roll lost about half the pictures because of giant silvery arches across the prints; the guy in the developing shop said that sometimes happens because of the X-ray machines in the airport. We brought all the film home in my carryon, rather than in the luggage, since sometimes luggage doesn't end up in the same place you do. Another roll has a lot of red on the pictures. This was the roll that was in my grandfather's camera, which I inherited; the film had been in his camera since January and only had a few pictures left. The same guy explained that the redness is heat damage, caused by the film sitting in the camera in the desk for so long. Those I can fix on the comp at home, though; I uploaded here at work, after I clocked out for the day, because it was quicker with DSL.

Anyway. Here are Kevin and myself at the Grand Canyon. I tried to smile nicely, but it was freezing (literally -- we saw snow) and I just wasn't comfortable enough to smile properly.

Picture now behind a cut; sorry guys, I didn't realize it was as big as all that! )


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