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Pay no attention to this if you have no interest in Sims 2; I'm posting them here for my own reference later at home. Someone shared them in [ profile] thesims2 a while ago and I just found them, and I think they'll help me with my future screencapping. (I hope so, anyway.) It's about cameraman mode. I'm just leaving this post public in case anyone else needs this information.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts

The HOME and END keys change the walls. No walls, cutaway walls, full walls, full walls and roof.

The PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys change which floor you're on. In cameraman mode, if you go up a floor, camera elevation doesn't change.

Then there's the PAUSE key. PAUSE/BREAK, right above PAGE UP.

Cameraman Mode

TAB: Enter or exit cameraman mode
Q and E: move camera elevation up or down
W and S: zoom in or out
Z and X: experiment with these to get wide angle shots
ARROW KEYS: move camera
MOUSE: change camera angle
C: take picture
V: start video recording
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Previous updates: 1.1 ~ 1.2 ~ 1.3 ~ 2.1

And we return to the Rose household, where in previous installments, legacy founders Jonathan and Alexia Rose became the parents of adorable twins Briar and Christian. To care for their babies while they worked, they hired a nanny; unfortunately, Nanny Heidi's background check failed to bring to light the fact that she worked for SATAN. Lex returned from work one night to find the house in chaos and her son nearly starved to death. Nanny Heidi was summarily dismissed, and the Roses started trying to piece their lives back together.

But she didn't go quietly. )
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Previous updates: 1.1 ~ 1.2 ~ 1.3

Generation two has arrived! This chapter features a lot of ubercute picspam and what my friend [ profile] blcksunaphelion has dubbed "nanicular failure." I'm sorry to say it also features some failure on my part, to cap the end event (AGAIN), but I was sort of shocked by what happened and it wasn't until after it was all cleaned up that I thought "You idiot, you should have capped it!" (As it is, this post has 51 images and is definitely not dialup friendly.)

When last we left the Rose family, legacy founder Alexia was about to give birth to the heir. The post ended with the question, Did she have a boy or a girl? And the answer is... )
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(To my friends who may be confused -- this is my Sims legacy. 1.3 means it's the third chapter about the first generation of the Rose family. Not trying to insult your intelligence of course; I just didn't understand that myself when I first started reading these, so I thought I'd explain up front.)

Previous updates: 1.1 ~ 1.2

When last we left our heroes, newlyweds Alexia and Jonathan Rose were settling into their sweet little home in Veronaville. Alexia's best friend Katherine threw a few jealous snits and knocked over their garbage can in the night, but eventually came to terms with the fact that Jonathan won fair and square. Jon's job as a projectionist turned out to not be his secret life's dream; he actually wants to advance to the top of the medical field, and so changed jobs and became an EMT. He and Lex are also trying for a baby. Let's see if they can stir up the waters in the old gene pool. Read more... )
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For those of you who read the first installment of my Sims legacy last week, here's part two.
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Last Sims post for a while, I promise. I've started an attempt at something called a Legacy, which is when you start with a single character, marry them off, have children, and continue following the family through to the tenth generation. I've posted the first installment of the Rose Legacy at [ profile] thesims2; it's here if anyone wants a look. My brain is a strange, strange place.
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I was going to actually post the pictures rather than links to them, but it was WAY too big. The pictures are bigger than the earlier ones, too. So I just linked them, but I'm still using a cut-tag. Lookie. )
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I am not addicted. Stop looking at me like that.

Anyway, yesterday, as planned, I constructed a custom mansion for [ profile] nentikobe, [ profile] kobrin, and their six kids. I made them the proud parents of [ profile] sethoz, [ profile] shining_phoenix, and [ profile] blcksunaphelion, plus gave them three random sons named James, John, and Adam. James is a redhead, John is blond, and Adam has black hair. Screencaps to come when I get home. The reason I did that, instead of adding [ profile] vampyric_lycan to the club, is because the girls already outnumber the boys in this neighborhood. Don't worry though, Dru, I'll get you in there yet. (If anyone else wants to live in my little dream world, just let me know.)

The mansion I made for them is pretty splendid. It's rectangular, with an open-air courtyard in the center. The top floor is a dance club and bowling alley. Unfortunately, I neglected to leave enough room on the lot for a driveway, so they can't have a car. But I finished the mansion and moved the family in. At about that time, wash load #3 was done in the washing machine, so I paused the game (I thought) and went to put away clean laundry and move wet laundry into the dryer.

I came back twenty minutes later and found that I had NOT successfully paused the game. Kerri, who was my active character at the moment, was weeping and shouting. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. In the courtyard, though, were some objects I'd never seen before, so I investigated them more closely.

They were graves.

In the time that I was gone, the entire family starved to death. Whoops.

Of course I got them back, I just had to exit without saving. Unfortunately, that meant I lost roughly half my house edits and had to remake the mansion's interior. But I thought I would share that little story for those of you who are old-time Sims players, you can have a good laugh at my dopey error. :)

My Sims!

Jan. 11th, 2008 09:11 pm
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So today I had a funny idea for Sims. I came home and started tweaking. Unfortunately, my screencaps are kind of on the small side; Pie's going to have to teach me how to take nice big ones like she does. But you can see what's going on, pretty decently.

Basically, I moved myself and Kevin into a big Federal-style mansion with six of the kids. You can only have up to eight people living in one house, so I had to pick. I went with [ profile] clez, [ profile] carnage533, [ profile] siddyq, [ profile] amarctis_q2, [ profile] destinedtofly, and [ profile] _revolutionary. Claire, Jerry, Kristie, Jonathan, and Lyn are all teenagers; Raven, since she's my youngest, is a child. I made these guys as much like the real people as I could; I think Kristie and Kevin's Sim versions are particularly similar to the real thing.

So. Screencaps.

First, the family portrait. Kevin and I are in the middle, of course. That's Jerry on one knee in front; Kristie is in the pink dress; Raven is the little one with glasses. Jonathan is the blond boy. Lyn is in a Ravenclaw uniform because I said so, and Claire is in the back.

I put a lot of work into making this a beautiful home filled with books and culture. Here's the living room. Other rooms include the dining room, the master bedroom, and the entry foyer.

Raven, being the youngest, has the room next to Mommy and Daddy. She's also the only member of the family with a room all her own.

The boys share this room. Mom is very nice about letting them hang that picture of a woman on the wall.

The entire third floor is the girls' bedroom. Kristie sleeps in the middle bed; Lyn's is on the far left. Claire is the eldest, so the armoire is positioned in such a way as to give her a little privacy.

This is our backyard. It includes workout equipment, a swing set, a barbecue grill, a telescope, and a hot tub. It also has a rather bitchin' pool.

Raven reads the newspaper. She might be job-hunting, I'm not sure.

Claire earns creativity points by learning to paint masterpieces.

Jon, on the other hand, prefers to earn them by mastering the piano.

Kevin and I don't really care what the kids do; we're happy to canoodle in the hot tub by ourselves.

Sims 2

Jan. 10th, 2008 09:10 am
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Thanks to my Christmas gift from [ profile] shining_phoenix, I have treated myself to Sims 2. I mainly blame [ profile] blaze_rocket, although [ profile] sophy has played Sims for years and made it sound fun too. I was up til nearly four in the morning trying to get the hang of it. It came with the "Nightlife" expansion pack free of charge, which means that not only do my Sims have a variety of places to go on dates and Just For Fun outings, but they can even be bitten by vampires. THAT is hilarious. I have no plans to buy any of the other expansion packs, however; this is not one of the hobbies that I'm willing to sink money into, unlike my craft projects or my life-threatening Harry Potter collection. ;)

It's kind of a strange game, in my estimation. Unlike other games that I love, there's nothing to kill and no puzzles to solve. (All of my favorite games have either one or the other of those, occasionally both.) I like it very much, and I can see myself playing it not infrequently, but there's much about it that I fail to understand. Still, I was doing much better by the time I went to bed than I had been at first. It took me ages to figure out how to introduce my neighboring families (yes, Pie, the Madroxes and the Winters, and yes, the kids are into each other). I've only played custom neighborhood so far; the pre-created neighborhoods confuse me. Another problem I'm having was the creation of bedrooms. I can't seem to get a married couple to sleep in the same bed; one or the other of them keeps sleeping on the sofa, and throws a fit if I try to send him/her to bed while their spouse is already sleeping there. EDIT: [ profile] hezyfaerie just helped me solve that problem -- I have the bed in the corner, I didn't know it needs to be accessible from both sides. And Pie told me how to bring up the box to input a cheat code, but I can't make it work.

Still. Fun. An excellent way to pass laundry day, I should think, or to amuse myself while watching Mom's dogs or something. I don't anticipate getting hooked on it the way Pie warned me a lot of people do, but I can certainly see how it eats hours. And I fully expect to feed it a few more tonight.


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