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Soooo tired. Only two teenagers showed up to be herded, but Alli brought her big sisters and Kevin had the day off, so between all of us we got the closet in order. Stuff is easier to find, I think, and we took a LOT of cardboard to the recycling center. Dropped in on the in-laws while we were in the neighborhood, but only Kim was home; joined her for an orange soda and an episode of House before grabbing dinner and coming home.

Back hurts, bad knee hurts, head hurts a little. The day got off to a bit of a bad start; I had a vivid, rather horrible nightmare about being trapped in a situation that was just a countdown to death. The polar ice caps had melted, and myself and other survivors were on sort of a small cruise ship, but we knew it was only a matter of time before the electricity and plumbing failed, and we had all accepted that we were going to die. Some were choosing to be returned to their homes to await their fates; others were handling it in different ways that I no longer remember. It was just a really horrible situation and I was so grateful when the alarm went off.

Otherwise, pretty good day. We had a lot of laughs, we got a lot done.

Now off to snooze like the nerd-king.
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We had a great time bowling. I decided to talk out of my rear end and advise the kids that they should roll the ball gently, and to "think of it as a delicate butterfly -- you are setting it free, not dropping it on its head." They all laughed but I could tell they were trying to actually follow this advice. In the interest of looking like I vaguely knew what I was talking about, I tried to follow it myself.

I bowled four strikes. o_o
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Spent a large chunk of yesterday being sick to my stomach, as those of you who were talking to me know, so I only accomplished about 1% of what I wanted to accomplish.

Kevin bought me VeggieTales fruit snacks. The flavor choices are sort of odd. Bob the Tomato is strawberry. Larry the Cucumber is sour apple. Junior Asparagus is lemon, and Laura Carrot (yes, I'm on the box) is watermelon. Pa Grape is actually grape-flavored, but Madame Blueberry is blue raspberry. They taste a little weird, but not bad. I'm disturbed, however, by the fact that Laura Carrot looks carrot-like.

This afternoon I'm chaperoning the youth group's bowling outing. Pastor went to Virginia and is making me do this all by myself, which is evil of him. I brokered a nifty deal with the bowling alley, though. We each get an hour and a half of bowling time, shoe rental, a free coupon to bowl another day, and a slice of pizza or hot dog and soda, all for just nine bucks apiece. My only concern is what Libby's going to eat, since she's a vegetarian and can't have the pizza because she's allergic to dairy products. Maybe she can get pizza without cheese or something.

First, though, I have to clean out my car because I may have to drive. Maybe not; since Libby and Jesse are going, their mom might drive, and she has a seven-passenger van. But I figure that there's too much possibility for Murphy's law to interfere, so I'd rather be prepared.

I might be on a little bit tonight, if the wireless decides to let me chat from the living room, but I certainly have no intention of missing the Oscars so no promises. Crossing my fingers for Cate Blanchett to win Best Actress; I'd cross them for Johnny Depp too but I suspect he's a shoo-in.


Aug. 11th, 2007 10:16 am
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This is a test; I've installed Semagic on the home computer, because it wasn't working at the office -- the office comp was missing some required component and I was hesitant to download it, but it was already on Squishy here so I'm going to see if I can do the simultaneous posting thing. Because if I can that will rock.

I'm going to be very busy today; I'm starting a new "plan of action" for my daily activities that, I am hoping, will result in my neglecting fewer responsibilities without making me too much less available for play and chat. If this works out the way I'm expecting it to, I think I'll start seeing improvements in different areas of my life. Here's hoping.

Speaking of responsibilities, on August 25th I will be going out to my beloved Hawk Mountain for volunteer orientation! I'm going to be working there once a month as the Keeper of the Gate, who checks admissions and provides information to visitors. I'm going to try to get scheduled only on Sundays, because I think that'll be easier to work into my schedule. The available shifts are from 9:30 to 1:00 and 1:00 to 4:30, if I'm remembering rightly, so I'd have to take the second shift because of teaching Sunday School. I really believe this will be good for me, and it's certainly something I'll enjoy doing.

In related news, we've tentatively scheduled the youth group's visit to the mountain for November 11th. I'm really looking forward to helping out with that this year. I think it'll be fun and I hope the kids will get a lot out of it. I've also worked out the general theme for what I want to teach my Sunday School kids; the basic schedule will revolve around learning about symbols of the church, like stars and candles and things. We'll have a basic structure each month of a lesson day and a related craft day. I have to keep the schedule somewhat flexible, because the first Sunday of each month is spent with the other classes and my guys also have to do things like acolyte training, but for the most part I think this will work. Of course, the four Sundays in January will be spent watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, because that worked out fairly well; however, this year, to make sure the confirmation students actually pay attention (I noticed that my kids were very good, but some of them were not), Pastor asked me to work up a list of questions to which they must find the answers each week.

So today I have some shopping to do, and a lawn to mow; happily, the heat and humidity have retreated for a few days, to the point where jeans are comfortable. This is my absolute favorite kind of weather and it could just be like this almost all year for my comfort. (Just give me two or three weeks of snow over Christmas, because Christmas without snow looks weird to me.) Presuming that tomorrow is just like today, sunny and mild, I'm coming home from church and climbing up a mountain.

(Edited to add: It worked.)


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