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I think I have FINALLY located and edited all of the pictures from British Invasion III. I think. Not sure.

To refresh your memory, picspam part one is here. This is picspam part two. It's much bigger. These are all from the point where [ profile] siddyq and [ profile] amarctis_q2 had joined the festivities, so those two took a lot of these -- probably more than I did myself, in fact.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

The Statue, from the ferry
Ellis Island's tower
Ellis Island exterior
Immigrants' Hall
Actual belongings that passed through Ellis Island with their owners
One of the models inside the building
Gorks on a balcony
The Statue from below
On the island
Looking around at the base
The original torch
Jon and Kristie at the torch
Jon and her face, actual size
A funny sign...
...which Kristie ignores.
Ellis Island, from the statue
After we got home, we were goofy
I was tired
So was Kristie

Hawk Mountain

Claire at South Lookout
"Do you smell that?"
The climb to North Lookout
These pictures make me hungry
Adventures ho
Crazy? Us?
I'd say don't look down, but where else is there?
Yes, this is what we climbed down
Tina thinks Kristie is very funny
Having seen this, so do I
Here we go!
Kristie hugs trees
Jon, on the other hand, suffocates them with love
See, I didn't delete ALL the pictures of me
Gorks in a hole
They enjoyed that hole a little too much
Jon and Claire re-enact Aslan's death at Table Rock

Renaissance Faire, Japanese Steakhouse, and Random

Kevin started the day by confusing our mailman
Jon the pirate checks directions
Tina just wants to get going before Claire keelhauls someone
Claire at the fountain
Jon at the fountain
Kevin at the fountain
Kristie at the fountain
Tina at the fountain
Me at the fountain
The human chess match
Good Queen Bess
This guy looked SO cool, but he must have been roasting
Inside the Museum of Torture
The iron maiden
Famous last words
The joust begins
I really love this picture I took of Tina at sundown
So I played with it a little
Group shot
Our chef at the steakhouse
Flaming onion volcano
And then we came home and he took over our lives
Jon really loved the little guy
We're starting our own armory


Jon at the Liberty Bell
Claire and Tina at the Liberty Bell

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Because I'm still waiting for a phone call, I thought I'd pass the time by showing you all some photographs from the recent invasion. This is by no means a complete set; it comprises five days' worth of adventuring. Also, the images are pretty damn big, so rather than post them directly in my journal, I'll just link to them.

Thursday, September 27th -- shopping at the mall and visiting Mom

Clez has a stick
Not to be outdone, Tina has a stick too
Clez buys CDs (no, I'm not sure why I photographed it)
Tina meets the Lehigh Valley's largest golden retriever
Tina finds out just why everyone loves to hold Baby Sheela

Friday, September 28th -- Hershey, PA

These are mostly from ZooAmerica, the zoo in Hersheypark. The park itself was closed.

At the entrance to Chocolate World
There's a porcupine in that thar tree
It's Hedwig, and she's looking to kick that Rowling woman's ass
Mama bobcat and her ADD offspring
Steven and Heidi -- we decided that two of the Hershey wolves were the wolf forms of the Betas from Brutality
Watching the wolves
They were patrolling
Hey, wait for me

Saturday, September 29th -- Bloomsburg Fair

Rosetta, the calf born early that morning
"She'll distract them while I steal you."
Yes, the animals were the most interesting thing at the fair

Sunday, September 30th -- Celtic Classic

Browsing vendors under the hill-to-hill bridge
Learning about our places in the Celtic zodiac
Uh, yeah, that's a river
Seamus Kennedy is in this picture, honest

Tuesday, October 2nd -- Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

That way first!
This is not a fake parrot, as I found out when I spoke to it
And a hella big ray!
They couldn't stop staring at this wall of glass
Tina gets a little too into the exhibits
The fish enjoyed looking at the English people display
The huge, beautiful mobile in the atrium
Petting starfish and sunfish
Petting sharks
Look at the penguins!
They're so cute!
And seals!
Seals are cute too!
Holy crap, it's a hippo!
And another one!
It's like it was trying to talk to Claire
Some of the wall art from the Jules Verne gallery

More later.
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One of my kids, [ profile] siddyq, in her starring role as Belle in the local production of Beauty and the Beast. This was the cover of a magazine that did an article about the show. Isn't she beautiful?
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Thus begins the story of the British Invasion, told in pictures. This is really not very dialup friendly at ALL. I was going to make thumbnails for all the photos, like [ profile] clez did, but it's late and that's a lot of effort....hopefully this won't be too much of a strain for anyone. Read more... )
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Yesterday was the long-awaited Sherlock Day. This will be a long entry, you have been warned.

Yes, I've met him. Yes, I'm damn near convinced he's the real deal. Details under the cut, along with the promised pictures...but here's a teaser.

With my close personal friends, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

The game's afoot! )


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