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Jan. 11th, 2008 09:11 pm
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So today I had a funny idea for Sims. I came home and started tweaking. Unfortunately, my screencaps are kind of on the small side; Pie's going to have to teach me how to take nice big ones like she does. But you can see what's going on, pretty decently.

Basically, I moved myself and Kevin into a big Federal-style mansion with six of the kids. You can only have up to eight people living in one house, so I had to pick. I went with [ profile] clez, [ profile] carnage533, [ profile] siddyq, [ profile] amarctis_q2, [ profile] destinedtofly, and [ profile] _revolutionary. Claire, Jerry, Kristie, Jonathan, and Lyn are all teenagers; Raven, since she's my youngest, is a child. I made these guys as much like the real people as I could; I think Kristie and Kevin's Sim versions are particularly similar to the real thing.

So. Screencaps.

First, the family portrait. Kevin and I are in the middle, of course. That's Jerry on one knee in front; Kristie is in the pink dress; Raven is the little one with glasses. Jonathan is the blond boy. Lyn is in a Ravenclaw uniform because I said so, and Claire is in the back.

I put a lot of work into making this a beautiful home filled with books and culture. Here's the living room. Other rooms include the dining room, the master bedroom, and the entry foyer.

Raven, being the youngest, has the room next to Mommy and Daddy. She's also the only member of the family with a room all her own.

The boys share this room. Mom is very nice about letting them hang that picture of a woman on the wall.

The entire third floor is the girls' bedroom. Kristie sleeps in the middle bed; Lyn's is on the far left. Claire is the eldest, so the armoire is positioned in such a way as to give her a little privacy.

This is our backyard. It includes workout equipment, a swing set, a barbecue grill, a telescope, and a hot tub. It also has a rather bitchin' pool.

Raven reads the newspaper. She might be job-hunting, I'm not sure.

Claire earns creativity points by learning to paint masterpieces.

Jon, on the other hand, prefers to earn them by mastering the piano.

Kevin and I don't really care what the kids do; we're happy to canoodle in the hot tub by ourselves.
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This time, Much Ado About Nothing, by Kenneth Branagh.

Because Kate Beckinsale is the basis for one of my RPG characters (no prize if you guess which one), and the way she looked in this movie is particularly appropriate to the character, most of the caps focus on or include her character Hero. But there are other caps too, and on the whole I think they're pretty nice. Sample cap and link. )
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Newest adventure in screencapping -- Sherlock Holmes!

100 caps from Granada's "The Empty House" starring Jeremy Brett.

I only got about halfway through the ep, though, so the rest will be appearing sometime later. Enjoy!
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This is terribly exciting to ME, but I imagine some of you won't precisely care.

Today...I learned how to make SCREENCAPS!

Naturally, for my first-ever capping experience, I took images from LXG. Here they are! Enjoy, use for manips or icons, etc. (Edited to add: The last fourteen -- there are an even hundred -- were taken from deleted scenes. Also tried to cap the menu, but the only cap I got that I really liked and which couldn't be gotten from the movie proper was one Clez already sent me.)

Yes, they are sort of focused on Tom and Dorian. What can I say, I appreciate a good bit of eye candy.


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