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Thought some of you might be interested to know that I almost had a heart attack this morning.

I fell asleep on the sofa while Kevin was doing something on his computer. Around 4 am, I woke up and dragged myself to bed; he shortly followed. We lay there talking quietly for a few minutes, then both started to drift off. We were both lying on our sides, facing toward each other.

I was in that hazy not-awake, not-asleep place when something grabbed my arm and I screamed, jolting fully awake.

Honestly, I thought it was a human hand grabbing me. But no, it was Maddy, jumping from the nightstand to my arm as she made her way across the bed to potentially snuggle with Daddy. I should point out that had this been Random, I would have been more annoyed than frightened, because Random is heavy enough that I could never have mistaken him for a person's hand. But Maddy only weighs around six pounds; we don't call her "teeny tiny kitty" for nothing.

In hindsight it's funny. At the time, I was severely freaked out and actually shook for several minutes. Though to be fair, I may possibly have been starting to dream about Link and the Redeads, which would account for the fear. ;)
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Random is home and very much not pleased. He has to wear this plastic collar for the next ten days so he doesn't pull out his stitches, and he keeps shaking his head as if he's hoping it will fall off. Maddy keeps staring at him like, "What the hell is on your head?"

The vet advised me to try to limit his activity, to which I replied, "You've obviously never met this cat."
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Random does not seem to agree with our intention that he is to be my cat, where Maddy is Kevin's cat. He and Maddy are apparently sharing ownership of Kevin. My presence is only tolerated when food is involved.

I'm an outcast in my own home. This sucks.


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