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Random is home and very much not pleased. He has to wear this plastic collar for the next ten days so he doesn't pull out his stitches, and he keeps shaking his head as if he's hoping it will fall off. Maddy keeps staring at him like, "What the hell is on your head?"

The vet advised me to try to limit his activity, to which I replied, "You've obviously never met this cat."
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The internet is still fluctuating; I think they've got their problems mostly sorted out but I keep getting booted. Apparently there was actually a router cable cut at the provider headquarters or something, from what I've heard, which is really strange. Point is, my net at home is not up to snuff so I won't be around this evening.

The vet called; Random's surgery went very well and he's doing just fine. I can pick him up tomorrow after work. My little guy will never be a daddy now. Maddy is so confused because she can't find him.

I sometimes think the level of my sanity is directly proportional to the amount of Twilight Princess I have going on. I even changed the status message on my MySpace to say "Laura is playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." I have so much love for this game that it's probably unhealthy. Plus, Link = animated man candy.

Speaking of animated man candy, [ profile] twilightsocks pointed her friends in the direction of this deviantArt gallery. If your taste runs to Disney heroes drawn with rippling muscles and very little clothing, you might find it very interesting.
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Random does not seem to agree with our intention that he is to be my cat, where Maddy is Kevin's cat. He and Maddy are apparently sharing ownership of Kevin. My presence is only tolerated when food is involved.

I'm an outcast in my own home. This sucks.


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