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Does anyone remember a couple of years back when I was writing Legend of Zelda fanfic? Probably not too many of you, but I digress. [ profile] protect_vester had requested of me, at that time, a Ganon/Zelda story which focused on the elemental connections of the three characters. The result was my least-reviewed piece ever, "Burn."

Flash forward to yesterday, when a reader tracked me down to ask my permission to record a podcast of herself reading the fic. The post is finished and up on Tumblr, and I'm still dazed at the whole idea.

Listen to my fanfic (it's quite short) HERE!
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Hey, fellow Zelda nerds! New spoilers have been leaked -- their accuracy will remain uncertain until E3 (which is very soon), but they pose some interesting food for thought!

My feeling is that the first one is unlikely (there almost HAS to be a subtitle), but the second one is pretty flipping sweet.
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So while I'm sitting here feeling like crap, I'm wandering around eBay to look at the current offerings for The Legend of Zelda. The Japanese doujinshi manga are always good for a chuckle, and this is no exception.

I don't read Japanese, but as far as I can tell just from this brief glimpse, the content of the book is Twilight Princess-esque, and seems to include Epona the horse mocking Midna. The cover is equally amusing, given that Link is armed with the Wii Zapper, including the nunchuk. I assume they got a picture of him just before he went off to play Link's Crossbow Training.

I'd buy this if I were going to be able to read it. Anyone know what the heck it says?
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[ profile] ryttu3k made me a present last night.

I love when people draw me pictures!
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I has present from [ profile] blaze_rocket!

She had promised to draw the wedding scene from my Zelda fanfic that I wrote last spring. It's only the line drawing, but it's awfully damn cute and a lovely start to my day.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 02:51 pm
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Just an fyi

Jun. 3rd, 2009 12:58 pm
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We're scheduled to have storms and showers all afternoon and evening. This tends to make my internet behave in a stupid fashion. So I may not be around.

Maybe I'll do housework. Or update my fanfic. Or rescue Princess Ruto from Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly.

Also, I've been investigating the details of the two new Zelda games as well as looking at promo art for the new Metal Gear game (thank you [ profile] saphrawn for being my crack dealer). My geek senses are tingling.
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Transcript of the LiveBlog of Shigeru Miyamoto's roundtable at the close of E3

Link will be more grownup-looking than ever, eh?

*holding out hope for more shirtless wrestling scenes*
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I really, really want this. But I can't read Japanese anything that isn't English, and I'm not sure it's worth shelling out that kind of money for the pictures...even though they are really, really pretty pictures....
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Yesterday after work, I played some more Ocarina of Time. I entered the Royal Vault in order to learn the Sun's Song.

For the first time ever, I watched my poor sweet Link get dry-humped to death by a Redead.

That was, hands down, the single most disturbing experience I've ever had while playing a video game.
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So [ profile] dizzytara did this thing where you leave a comment and she assigns you fandoms and you have to answer questions about them. These were mine. )
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It's raining again.

On the up side, we (and by we I mean myself, Kevin, and Andy, who wandered over after work) got the entire lawn mowed before it started. No more backyard jungle. After Kevin and I cleaned ourselves up, we took Andy to supper at the pizza buffet, which he'd never tried. He declared the food way decent, and the portions are exceptional given the price.

On the down side, internet connection is wholly unreliable. I don't want to sign into AIM because I'll be apologizing constantly for getting kicked off. Better I lurk in the shadows, reading my flist and email and meanwhile playing Link's Crossbow Training. I only need to improve my level one score by 2,000 points to qualify for a silver medal. (How the hell do people earn gold and platinum? I mean, apart from the presumption that they've got, you know, two eyes.)

Kevin's already gone to bed. My old man is old.
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This won't make sense to the rest of you, but if you were in last night's chat, you'll want to see this. Read more... )
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...I thought I'd share the content of my Valentine card for Kevin. Read more... )
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Crazy fangirls make the best friends. While emailing with [ profile] oldschoollozfan about some crazy story idea I dreamed up yesterday, I had the following conversation with [ profile] blcksunaphelion:

Norbs: You're a Zelda fan so I thought you'd like to know -- I've got the first volume of the translated OOT manga, and it. is. ADORABLE.

Jax: Hehehe.

Norbs: Do you have it?

Jax: Nope.

Norbs: Do you want it?

Jax: Duh.

Norbs: Because it's insanely cheap at Amazon, and if somebody loves me enough I might buy it for them.

Jax: LOL! You'll see how much I love you in a few days... I hope >.> If my devious plot works.

Norbs: Devious plot! Onoz! Should I be scared?

Jax: I no tell.

Norbs: Is there glitter involved? Are you kidnapping David Hayter for my personal enjoyment?



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