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Ever pull a muscle in your neck while yawning?


In other news, I beat 100-man brawl on SSBB for the first time ever last night. Zero Suit Samus FTW.

Just an fyi

Jun. 3rd, 2009 12:58 pm
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We're scheduled to have storms and showers all afternoon and evening. This tends to make my internet behave in a stupid fashion. So I may not be around.

Maybe I'll do housework. Or update my fanfic. Or rescue Princess Ruto from Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly.

Also, I've been investigating the details of the two new Zelda games as well as looking at promo art for the new Metal Gear game (thank you [ profile] saphrawn for being my crack dealer). My geek senses are tingling.
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Transcript of the LiveBlog of Shigeru Miyamoto's roundtable at the close of E3

Link will be more grownup-looking than ever, eh?

*holding out hope for more shirtless wrestling scenes*
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I really, really want this. But I can't read Japanese anything that isn't English, and I'm not sure it's worth shelling out that kind of money for the pictures...even though they are really, really pretty pictures....
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Yesterday after work, I played some more Ocarina of Time. I entered the Royal Vault in order to learn the Sun's Song.

For the first time ever, I watched my poor sweet Link get dry-humped to death by a Redead.

That was, hands down, the single most disturbing experience I've ever had while playing a video game.
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So [ profile] dizzytara did this thing where you leave a comment and she assigns you fandoms and you have to answer questions about them. These were mine. )
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It's raining again.

On the up side, we (and by we I mean myself, Kevin, and Andy, who wandered over after work) got the entire lawn mowed before it started. No more backyard jungle. After Kevin and I cleaned ourselves up, we took Andy to supper at the pizza buffet, which he'd never tried. He declared the food way decent, and the portions are exceptional given the price.

On the down side, internet connection is wholly unreliable. I don't want to sign into AIM because I'll be apologizing constantly for getting kicked off. Better I lurk in the shadows, reading my flist and email and meanwhile playing Link's Crossbow Training. I only need to improve my level one score by 2,000 points to qualify for a silver medal. (How the hell do people earn gold and platinum? I mean, apart from the presumption that they've got, you know, two eyes.)

Kevin's already gone to bed. My old man is old.
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So it's unquestionably Monday, as evidenced by the steaming piles of crap that awaited me when I reached the office. Notes in my bin that have nothing to do with my job, or that blame me for things which aren't my fault. Twelve million documents to be copied. A voice mail message from Crazy Bell Lady (surprisingly civil for her, but still). A phone that won't stop ringing.

And a printer which leaked ink all over my desk.

My first instinct was to do what I do best, which is panic and feel overwhelmed. After a few minutes, however, I took a breath and decided instead to start putting my new methodology into practice, to see how it goes. This is that thing I vaguely referenced a week or so ago that I haven't discussed since. )
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"Isn't he the cutest thing when he's out of his mind with grief?"
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Dinner with Papa Q had to be canceled because he needs to work late; he apologized profusely and promised to try to meet up with us next time he's in the area. So now we're waiting for Papa John's to deliver our BBQ chicken and bacon pizza with free cheesesticks.

Kevin is playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, the latest edition (whatever it is). With his ridiculously large computer montior, I can see it from here on the sofa. It has a movie making function much like Sims, and so we're watching a movie of a ride on his newest coaster design.

I LOVE this feature. See, one thing I had to give up because of getting sick, and most sincerely regret, is roller coasters. I was never a huge fan, mainly because of my back and everything; but Kevin loves them and I love Kevin, so I let him drag me along onto every coaster in our path. But when the dizzy spells and crap started happening, I retired from all coasters (except one -- the century-old Thunderhawk coaster at our local amusement park doesn't bother me for some reason, probably because it's kind of tiny and not at all fancy). So unless we're with other people who enjoy riding coasters, Kevin goes on them all by himself while I ride a nice stationary park bench. I wouldn't let him give them up.

Well, his love of the ride explains his love of the game, which he plays almost obsessively -- that and Zoo Tycoon are his two favorites. He plays one or the other almost every day. The movie feature on this latest edition has been a lot of fun for us both, because now he gets to design his dream coasters, and then I get to virtually ride them. As long as I stand far enough back from the screen, it doesn't make me dizzy, and I still get some of the excitement of riding a well-designed coaster.

We're sort of goofy.

Me: *stealthy sneaking into the dining room, on tiptoe*
Kevin: *eyeing me* What are you...
Me: I am a ninja! You can't see me! Ninja kisses! *divebomb*

Ah, pizza is here. BBQ chicken and bacon is GOOD.


Jan. 17th, 2008 02:47 pm
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I won I won I won!!!!

My walkthrough for Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript, which is the computer game I bought Kevin for his last birthday, is one of the five winners of the GameFAQs FAQ of the month contest!

My prize will be arriving by mail soon -- a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy!



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