Sep. 11th, 2014 01:30 am
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For those of you who knew [livejournal.com profile] likesthesilence and would like to leave a condolence message for her family, her online obituary is here and the 'book of memories' section is here. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who knew her.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me personally a message of condolence in the last few days. This is still unfathomable to me.
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Crazy fangirls make the best friends. While emailing with [livejournal.com profile] oldschoollozfan about some crazy story idea I dreamed up yesterday, I had the following conversation with [livejournal.com profile] blcksunaphelion:

Norbs: You're a Zelda fan so I thought you'd like to know -- I've got the first volume of the translated OOT manga, and it. is. ADORABLE.

Jax: Hehehe.

Norbs: Do you have it?

Jax: Nope.

Norbs: Do you want it?

Jax: Duh.

Norbs: Because it's insanely cheap at Amazon, and if somebody loves me enough I might buy it for them.

Jax: LOL! You'll see how much I love you in a few days... I hope >.> If my devious plot works.

Norbs: Devious plot! Onoz! Should I be scared?

Jax: I no tell.

Norbs: Is there glitter involved? Are you kidnapping David Hayter for my personal enjoyment?

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Dinner with Papa Q had to be canceled because he needs to work late; he apologized profusely and promised to try to meet up with us next time he's in the area. So now we're waiting for Papa John's to deliver our BBQ chicken and bacon pizza with free cheesesticks.

Kevin is playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, the latest edition (whatever it is). With his ridiculously large computer montior, I can see it from here on the sofa. It has a movie making function much like Sims, and so we're watching a movie of a ride on his newest coaster design.

I LOVE this feature. See, one thing I had to give up because of getting sick, and most sincerely regret, is roller coasters. I was never a huge fan, mainly because of my back and everything; but Kevin loves them and I love Kevin, so I let him drag me along onto every coaster in our path. But when the dizzy spells and crap started happening, I retired from all coasters (except one -- the century-old Thunderhawk coaster at our local amusement park doesn't bother me for some reason, probably because it's kind of tiny and not at all fancy). So unless we're with other people who enjoy riding coasters, Kevin goes on them all by himself while I ride a nice stationary park bench. I wouldn't let him give them up.

Well, his love of the ride explains his love of the game, which he plays almost obsessively -- that and Zoo Tycoon are his two favorites. He plays one or the other almost every day. The movie feature on this latest edition has been a lot of fun for us both, because now he gets to design his dream coasters, and then I get to virtually ride them. As long as I stand far enough back from the screen, it doesn't make me dizzy, and I still get some of the excitement of riding a well-designed coaster.

We're sort of goofy.

Me: *stealthy sneaking into the dining room, on tiptoe*
Kevin: *eyeing me* What are you...
Me: I am a ninja! You can't see me! Ninja kisses! *divebomb*

Ah, pizza is here. BBQ chicken and bacon is GOOD.
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Well, that was quite out of left field.

Cell phone: *makes the generic ringtone, meaning it's not Kevin, a relative, or one of the kids*
Me: *warily eyes unfamiliar number on screen, but answers*
Gentleman: Hello, Laura?
Me: Yes? *preparing for sales call or something like*
Gentleman: My name is M___ S____, and you don't know me, but...
Me: *suddenly latching onto name* You're Kristie's dad!

Sunny godchild's father just called me. He's over in the next county on business and was hoping that Kevin and I could meet him for dinner tonight, which we will definitely try to do. *starts lecturing her body about behaving itself* That was so funny though! Definitely improved my mood today too.

My Sims!

Jan. 11th, 2008 09:11 pm
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So today I had a funny idea for Sims. I came home and started tweaking. Unfortunately, my screencaps are kind of on the small side; Pie's going to have to teach me how to take nice big ones like she does. But you can see what's going on, pretty decently.

Basically, I moved myself and Kevin into a big Federal-style mansion with six of the kids. You can only have up to eight people living in one house, so I had to pick. I went with [livejournal.com profile] clez, [livejournal.com profile] carnage533, [livejournal.com profile] siddyq, [livejournal.com profile] amarctis_q2, [livejournal.com profile] destinedtofly, and [livejournal.com profile] _revolutionary. Claire, Jerry, Kristie, Jonathan, and Lyn are all teenagers; Raven, since she's my youngest, is a child. I made these guys as much like the real people as I could; I think Kristie and Kevin's Sim versions are particularly similar to the real thing.

So. Screencaps.

First, the family portrait. Kevin and I are in the middle, of course. That's Jerry on one knee in front; Kristie is in the pink dress; Raven is the little one with glasses. Jonathan is the blond boy. Lyn is in a Ravenclaw uniform because I said so, and Claire is in the back.

I put a lot of work into making this a beautiful home filled with books and culture. Here's the living room. Other rooms include the dining room, the master bedroom, and the entry foyer.

Raven, being the youngest, has the room next to Mommy and Daddy. She's also the only member of the family with a room all her own.

The boys share this room. Mom is very nice about letting them hang that picture of a woman on the wall.

The entire third floor is the girls' bedroom. Kristie sleeps in the middle bed; Lyn's is on the far left. Claire is the eldest, so the armoire is positioned in such a way as to give her a little privacy.

This is our backyard. It includes workout equipment, a swing set, a barbecue grill, a telescope, and a hot tub. It also has a rather bitchin' pool.

Raven reads the newspaper. She might be job-hunting, I'm not sure.

Claire earns creativity points by learning to paint masterpieces.

Jon, on the other hand, prefers to earn them by mastering the piano.

Kevin and I don't really care what the kids do; we're happy to canoodle in the hot tub by ourselves.
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I think I have FINALLY located and edited all of the pictures from British Invasion III. I think. Not sure.

To refresh your memory, picspam part one is here. This is picspam part two. It's much bigger. These are all from the point where [livejournal.com profile] siddyq and [livejournal.com profile] amarctis_q2 had joined the festivities, so those two took a lot of these -- probably more than I did myself, in fact.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

The Statue, from the ferry
Ellis Island's tower
Ellis Island exterior
Immigrants' Hall
Actual belongings that passed through Ellis Island with their owners
One of the models inside the building
Gorks on a balcony
The Statue from below
On the island
Looking around at the base
The original torch
Jon and Kristie at the torch
Jon and her face, actual size
A funny sign...
...which Kristie ignores.
Ellis Island, from the statue
After we got home, we were goofy
I was tired
So was Kristie

Hawk Mountain

Claire at South Lookout
"Do you smell that?"
The climb to North Lookout
These pictures make me hungry
Adventures ho
Crazy? Us?
I'd say don't look down, but where else is there?
Yes, this is what we climbed down
Tina thinks Kristie is very funny
Having seen this, so do I
Here we go!
Kristie hugs trees
Jon, on the other hand, suffocates them with love
See, I didn't delete ALL the pictures of me
Gorks in a hole
They enjoyed that hole a little too much
Jon and Claire re-enact Aslan's death at Table Rock

Renaissance Faire, Japanese Steakhouse, and Random

Kevin started the day by confusing our mailman
Jon the pirate checks directions
Tina just wants to get going before Claire keelhauls someone
Claire at the fountain
Jon at the fountain
Kevin at the fountain
Kristie at the fountain
Tina at the fountain
Me at the fountain
The human chess match
Good Queen Bess
This guy looked SO cool, but he must have been roasting
Inside the Museum of Torture
The iron maiden
Famous last words
The joust begins
I really love this picture I took of Tina at sundown
So I played with it a little
Group shot
Our chef at the steakhouse
Flaming onion volcano
And then we came home and he took over our lives
Jon really loved the little guy
We're starting our own armory


Jon at the Liberty Bell
Claire and Tina at the Liberty Bell



Dec. 28th, 2007 08:29 pm
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I am incensed! I am outraged! I am furious!*

I cannot BELIEVE what I just heard on the phone!**

There I was, minding my own business, having a perfectly LOVELY conversation with Jaclyn. I don't know how the subject of age even came UP, but all of a sudden she says...

"How old are you again? Forty-something?"


I just was in shock. Forty-something? FORTY-something? All right, I know I'm a little rough-looking*** sometimes, but come on. I do NOT look forty.

The nerve of some people. I mean really.


* Amount of actual rage may vary

** Suspension of disbelief may be required

*** Don't touch this with a ten-foot pole

In case you can't tell, she basically dared me to write this. It really happened, though, her asking me if I was forty-something. We had a lot of fun with my indignance.
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Because I'm still waiting for a phone call, I thought I'd pass the time by showing you all some photographs from the recent invasion. This is by no means a complete set; it comprises five days' worth of adventuring. Also, the images are pretty damn big, so rather than post them directly in my journal, I'll just link to them.

Thursday, September 27th -- shopping at the mall and visiting Mom

Clez has a stick
Not to be outdone, Tina has a stick too
Clez buys CDs (no, I'm not sure why I photographed it)
Tina meets the Lehigh Valley's largest golden retriever
Tina finds out just why everyone loves to hold Baby Sheela

Friday, September 28th -- Hershey, PA

These are mostly from ZooAmerica, the zoo in Hersheypark. The park itself was closed.

At the entrance to Chocolate World
There's a porcupine in that thar tree
It's Hedwig, and she's looking to kick that Rowling woman's ass
Mama bobcat and her ADD offspring
Steven and Heidi -- we decided that two of the Hershey wolves were the wolf forms of the Betas from Brutality
Watching the wolves
They were patrolling
Hey, wait for me

Saturday, September 29th -- Bloomsburg Fair

Rosetta, the calf born early that morning
"She'll distract them while I steal you."
Yes, the animals were the most interesting thing at the fair

Sunday, September 30th -- Celtic Classic

Browsing vendors under the hill-to-hill bridge
Learning about our places in the Celtic zodiac
Uh, yeah, that's a river
Seamus Kennedy is in this picture, honest

Tuesday, October 2nd -- Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

That way first!
This is not a fake parrot, as I found out when I spoke to it
And a hella big ray!
They couldn't stop staring at this wall of glass
Tina gets a little too into the exhibits
The fish enjoyed looking at the English people display
The huge, beautiful mobile in the atrium
Petting starfish and sunfish
Petting sharks
Look at the penguins!
They're so cute!
And seals!
Seals are cute too!
Holy crap, it's a hippo!
And another one!
It's like it was trying to talk to Claire
Some of the wall art from the Jules Verne gallery

More later.
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She promised me a ficlet if I would. :p

The fact of the matter is that this post may or may not be inclined to present a partially accurate statement of what could or could not be construed as a reasonably believable concept. Moreover, it was not really in my power to declare or not declare that I may have had some indirect understanding of the content of the post that has yet to prove whether it is or is not truthful. But the fact remains that I am conceptually enlightened as to the nature of the post, which may or may not be legitimately constructed, and it is not without merit to say that I have some idea of what it does and does not say. However, at the same time, an individual should not fail to grasp the fact that I am not managing to not comprehend the words in my own journal post, and that therefore, when you come to the proper conclusion, you must admit that I do not seem to not understand what it is that I may or may not be saying.


Aug. 22nd, 2007 09:23 am
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Happy birthday to my darling [livejournal.com profile] shining_phoenix! My eldest turns another year older today!
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Yes, still feeling like death on toast, even after a nap for almost three hours. XP Nooot happy.

Compounding this, of course, is the advent of the single biggest mass murder in U.S. history. I can't begin to express my sorrow and shock...nor my gratitude that no one I know attends Virginia Tech. (I spent a few anxious minutes mentally flipping through my knowledge of who goes to school where!) What is wrong with our species? I mean, seriously? So I wasn't going to be on, but after watching all that news footage, I just...really wanted to see my kids, or as many of them as I could. I won't be staying long.
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Quote is from the episode of Bonanza I caught this morning. I'm not sure why I like Bonanza and Gunsmoke so much, but I do.

Okay. Really long day, so I'm cut-tagging this post. However, I REALLY HOPE YOU'LL READ IT because what happened today was, in my opinion, the single coolest thing to happen all year. To me, that is. Read more... )
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One of my kids, [livejournal.com profile] siddyq, in her starring role as Belle in the local production of Beauty and the Beast. This was the cover of a magazine that did an article about the show. Isn't she beautiful?
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Thus begins the story of the British Invasion, told in pictures. This is really not very dialup friendly at ALL. I was going to make thumbnails for all the photos, like [livejournal.com profile] clez did, but it's late and that's a lot of effort....hopefully this won't be too much of a strain for anyone. Read more... )
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It would appear my birthday is beginning a good two weeks early, since the first of my gifts arrived today.

I returned from my eye doctor appointment and found a package waiting for me, bearing a distinctive postmark. Since I only know one person in Singapore, I knew it had to be from my dear little [livejournal.com profile] _revolutionary. Squee! Raven sent ACDoyle books -- not Holmes, but two non-Holmesian books!

*huggles the kid* Thank you, honey! I'm utterly delighted.
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I had a rather peculiar dream the other night.

It seemed to be set in the future at some indeterminate point. I had come to the conclusion that I was simply never going to have children of my own, it was not in the cards. How old I was, I'm not sure. But I was having a conversation with My Boss. (Not the Pastor.)

I remember very little of what we discussed, except for one part. While I assured Him that I would never question His Divine Plan or anything like that, I did want to know one thing.

"Why did You decide not to give me children?"

"What are you talking about? I gave you twelve."

Food for thought if I ever had any.
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Sethoz Chan: Sooooo *prods* What does Jarvis want?
author1976: ahh, I finally solved that little mystery yesterday!
Sethoz Chan: oooooh?
author1976: and if things go as planned I will be working on chapter seven when I get home, so you'll find out soon
Sethoz Chan: *waits for you to go home*
author1976: *laughs!*
Sethoz Chan: are you home yet?
author1976: no, dear
Sethoz Chan: .... now?
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Post your very first icon that you made (if you have it, if you don't, the OLDEST one that you have) along with your newest icon. This will allow you to show how you have improved in iconing skills and tag five friends to see how they have improved.

This was the original icon I made for this LJ:

Made this one last night, in a rush of affection for my kids:


[livejournal.com profile] sethoz
[livejournal.com profile] ladyrazorsharp
[livejournal.com profile] wens
[livejournal.com profile] vampyric_lycan
[livejournal.com profile] violet_wine
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I don't normally put things in both LJs, since this one is chiefly for my life in fandom and writing. But I put this in both, because I felt like bragging a touch. ;) About nicknames. )


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